Grow your continuing education program while improving connections to alumni by providing easy to use web-based system.

LUX Learning Management Systems
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System LUX

Lux Learning Management Systems are hosted, customizable software designed to support continuing education programs servicing medical and other professional groups. Lux LMS provide easy-to-operate, time-efficient packages to administer both live presentations and home study activities, freeing up staff time and standarizing report outputs.

As accounts are set up by users data is accumulated which helps build alumni/membership databases (the system could, in the future, be used to develop an integrated preceptor database and centralized experiential learning administrative functions.)

Lux systems are designed to utilize your current web site design template so as to fit seamlessly within your online presentation and are easily configured to meet specific program display and reporting requirements.

The base system for Continuing Pharmacy Education programs interfaces with CPE Monitor, automatically transmitting all participant credit data immediately upon completion of an activity.