January 5, 2018

About LUX

Lux Learning Management Systems provide hosted, customizable software for Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE), Continuing Medical Education (CME) and other CE programs. Our systems are comprehensive, easy-to-use, scalable, and secure web-based applications suitable for programs offered to medical professionals including pharmacists, doctors, nurses, dental hygienists, as well as for educators and teachers. Lux LMS installations provide centralized administration systems for creating both live conference and on-line home study programs, monitoring student accounts, and creating reports.

    • Version 1.0: developed for Northeastern University, BouvĂ© College of Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy’s Continuing Education program in 2003.


    • Version 1.1: installed for the School Health Institute of Massachusetts (at Northeastern University) in 2006. This system was developed to serve the requirements of a nursing continuing education program supported by the Massachusetts Department of Health Services.


    • Version 2.0: installed for the University of Rhode Island, College of Pharmacy’s Continuing Education program which included a module providing for Statement of Credit grouping for multiple presentation programs.


    • Version 2.1: completed for Massachusetts College of Pharmacy’s Continuing Education program (CPE and CME) which included a module for providing different Statements of Credits for multiple professional types (pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, dental hygienists); Upgraded the School Health Institute system to include additional required customizations.


  • Version 3.0: improved reporting systems and increased program setups and adminstrator features; installed for Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Partners) and West Virgina University’s School of Pharmacy, CE.