January 5, 2018

Administrator Functions

The Administrator’s control panel provides a full range of setup and management tools:

    • Programs Administration
      • Ability to upload program material files (Word, PDF, Powerpoint, etc.);
      • Establish credits for activity and cost (if any);
      • Create and Edit evaluation forms with fields for up to 20 learning objectives and/or faculty assessment questions with options of text, yes/no, or multiple choice answers format;
      • Clone programs to facilitate creating new activities with similar questions;
      • Establish passing grades and/or limit the number of attempts allowed to complete a post-test;
      • Easily activate, deactivate or archive programs;
      • Setup options for charging different amounts to different groups; and
      • View reports including test question answer compilations, program evaluations, presenter evaluations, reporting functions displaying results in both tabular and graphical formats, with the option of adding other custom reports, as required.


      • Additional Live Program Administration Features
        • Utilize the “Preview Only” feature to display upcoming activities not ready for registration;
        • Access registrant information including printable attendance lists pages, downloadable data files and Google map showing the account locations;
    • Additional Home Study Program Administration Features
        • Create/Edit presentation displays including information about program topic, target audience, faculty disclosure statement and information, program support sources. The system provides for multiple reference material links (with easy document upload tool), audio slideshows, audio files (mp3) and video files;
  • Data Management/Reporting Functions
      • View participant accounts with super administrative access (all records and data are accessible);
      • Manage/search/export student information including credits issued (complete data text files can be exported for manipulation with desktop software); and
    • Generate aggregated live activity and home study reports for audit/accreditation/certification requirements.