January 5, 2018

Student Features

As accounts are set up by students, useful information is accumulated which helps build alumni/repeat user databases while providing a valuable service to professionals using the system. The software could, in the future, be used to develop an integrated preceptor database and/or centralize experiential learning administrative functions.

Student interfaces consists of the following base-level components and features:

    • Account Creation and Management – setup new accounts on-line; maintain address, contact, (and license, if applicable) information;
    • Program Display/Activities –
        • View register and pay for live presentation programs. System displays can include program description, location, credits, cost and provide payment gateway integration, if needed;
        • View and pay for on-line, home study programs. System displays can include detailed program description, cost, links to off-site references materials, links to downloadable printed materials (pdfs), audio-slideshows, and videos, and provide payment gateway integration, if needed;
        • Complete program post-tests and/or evaluations and obtain statements of credit or certificates of completion;
    • Systems can be setup to provide for use by multiple professions (e.g., pharmacist, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dental hygienists, etc.) with separate report functions. NOTE: pharmacy CE programs include the required NABP ID# and birth month/day data fields a module to transmit all earned credits directly to CPE Monitor; and
  • Account History – maintains a list of all participant completed programs.